• Digitap

    this taps are not just the ordinary taps, they have small intelligent computer embedded inside

    • built with cutting-edge technology, you just put your hands infront of the tap and a sensor will detect your hand and automatically switches water on and once you remove your hands it shuts itself off.
    • Features
    • it has a built-in power supply.....


    Security and home automation: suitable for businesses (warehouses, kiosks, shops, schools, churches, homes)

    •  Door break-in sensing  Motion detection  Fire detection  LPG gas detection  Emergency buttons  3G fast Internet with wifi 20 Mbps  Blue tooth 2.0  Real time SMS notification  Calling enabled  Password arming and disarming  Online connectivity  Android app
    •  Remote object control (on request, light , motors ,pumps,gates,heaters etc ).....



    • 1. Gps satellite tracking 2. Uses any simcard 3. Tracking can be done by phone through a) Sms b) Mobile android app combined with google map c) A laptop 4. One can switch of the motorbike by either calling it or sending am sms command to it 5. One come be able to know if the motorbike is on and moving and what speed its moving at 6. Can be able to detect when a motor bike have had an accident and send sms to peoples numbers already put in the tracker 7. Water proof 8. Geo fencing – one can stop a motor bike from going in places he/she doesn’t want it to go.


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